How to Manage My VPS

Sunday, 15 November 2015 | Views: 2480

You can manage the service by yourself by this following way.
1. Click the "Services" menu on the right sidebar.
2. You will see your Product/Service item
3. Click the responsive button of the item
4. You will go to the "Service details" page.
5. At the bottom section, you will see "VPS management" you can see 4 tabs of ...
Details,- About your VPS Service details
Statistics, - Resource Usage Details
Manage, - That you can manage your VPS Boot/Reboot, Change OS, Hostname and Root Password
Control panel - The way you can go to SolusVM Control Panel

Tool to connect your VPS
Putty - In case your OS is Linux.
Remote Desktop Connection - In case your OS is Windows.

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